Winter Market 12/2009

Houndstooth was a part of the Williamsburg, Brooklyn based WINTER MARKET, held at Public Assembly.

On display was a piece by Donna Huanca (, who has a couture smock featured in this January's edition of British Vogue. This piece, made exclusively for Houndstooth, was created with fabric of vintage pieces that were deemed not good enough for the Houndstooth store. Now they live a new existence as a recreation of this photo of a Nigerian hyena trainer:

Houndstooth man


This piece coincides with the Houndstooth vision for the Spring of 2010:


Here is the "Michael Jackson" smock, made for Andrea Zittel's SMOCKSHOP, London

"Michael Jackson" smock
For Andrea Zittel's Smockshop
Sprueth Magers Gallery, London

Jan. 2010, British Vogue


WINTER MARKET display details:


*HOUNDSTOOTH:WINTER scarves made from an assortment of indian blankets, collected by the
owners over the past 3 years.
$35 each

*Also on display, 1920s silent film industry magazines found in Paris, France.
$45 each

*On display with our tie selection is a very rare 1983 YSL promotional record for a perfume.
Vintage YSL record, found in Paris, France



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