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We at Houndstooth have received a lot of emails asking about what the main owner of Houndstooth wears on a daily basis.

"If he picks out the vintage, what does HE wear?"

Being that Michael is the man of the Tooth and the main buying talent for the business, it's only appropriate to begin to record his daily outfits. Because in my opinion, while Mike Wexler (our main model on the blog) looks great in everything we put him in, Michael is still the original Houndstooth man.

So now Houndstooth proudly presents, Michael Kimmins, the best dressed man in Williamsburg, Brooklyn:

Here he is in vintage Girbaud orange denim, white 80s cotton aviator jacket and (not shown) blue Louis Vuitton sandals from Spring of 2008. This was his uniform for the summer of 2008.
Without the mask on his head of course.


Fall of 2008, wearing Damir Doma and a Gucci trench for a friends DJ gig at B.East, Chinatown, NYC.


For Halloween 2008, he decided to be an Ivy League murderer.

Wearing a 1930s high waisted 3 piece suit that we originally purchased for the store,
he loved the cut so much he decided to keep it.

He made fake blood and splattered it on a white vintage button up, for the full effect. It was hot.

His other uniform from the summer of 2008. Very Cary Grant.

1950s Russian Navy shirt with Carolina Herrera linen pants from Spring of 2008.

Being cheeky with J. Morrison in the same outfit.

New Orleans, a night out wearing Viktor and Rolf.

We found this piece while running around Vienna, when I was invited to perform there for the Wien Modern Festival.

It's an attention grabber whenever he wears it.

Sweet memories of Christmas at Houndstooth.

Here he is, wearing a ski sweater found in Vienna, in the winter of 2008 in Williamsburg, BK.


His uniform for the winter of 2009/2010 has been these 1940s hunting pants,
matched with a cream fisherman's knit sweater and packer boots.

I love this calf lace up detail.

Other details include his grandfather's Christian Dior scarf from the 70s
and caramel leather driving gloves with cashmere interiors from Bergdorf Goodman.

He makes people stop in their tracks when he walks by. And he doesn't even know it.

Another winter uniform.

Wearing a cream Ralph Lauren half zip sweater with Carolina Herrera brown vest
and matching overcoat.

Shoes, Damir Doma from Fall of 2009. Pants, Galliano, from Spring 2009.

I love his attention to detail. Note the orange, brown and cream color combo. He's a pro.

Damir Doma boots have such an elegant silhouette. One of his favorite designers.

My favorite photo of Michael. Walking to our showroom on a rainy night.

Trench coat is Gucci from 2008.

Pants are Tim Hamilton from Spring 2009. Shoes, navy Converse.

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