Thank you from Houndstooth!

The Pop-Up shop was a complete success and we wanted to thank our regular clients and our new ones for your patronage and excitement to see us out in Brooklyn, again. It was an interesting time of reminiscing and seeing how our pieces did in a new neighborhood. Even though it wasn't that far away from our original home in Williamsburg.

A special thanks to the press people that posted about us. Take a look below:

We are in the midst of planning the next phase of Houndstooth. The question of the week was,"When are you guys opening another store?" To be completely honest, we're not sure what exactly the next move needs to be, but we are very grateful for all of your support and continued interest. Rest assured, when a decision is made, you will hear it here first.

In the mean time, you can text to buy via subports, here's the link to start shopping:

All you have to do is set up an account through subports and purchase via text to your hearts content. For more information, visit:

We leave you with a film still from the movie "Silent Running", that is influencing our vision for the coming fall season.

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